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The day Rod Stewart's footwear raised Jock Stein's eyebrows Consider: its heyday was as long ago as the 70s. In the decade that followed, the old place, which stood at the top of Renfield Street, and had been showing its age for an indecent number of years, was demolished after 12 years of unstinting service.   503
Support Glasgow Apollo Live and Support Glasgow Apollo Live - Scott & Andy are responsible for the Glasgow Apollo website, facebook group and weekly live broadcast - all support is gratefully accepted #glasgowapolive   1341
Glasgow Apollo Merch If you enjoyed the site please think about buying some merch to support us. Get your merch here! The Apollo is long gone however it holds a place that is unique in the memory of music fans around the world.   4014
Glasgow Apollo Live YouTube channel The channel will feature full and edited copies of the Glasgow Apollo (live) weekly simulcast which takes place on a Friday evening at 9:30pm UK time, the live steam will be available on Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, twitter and many more.   6921
Def Leppard's Joe Elliot - Daily Record Oct 14 2011 "The crowds are mental and you've got to love that. We were privileged to experience the Glasgow Apollo as opening act for AC/DC in 1979 on their Highway To Hell tour."

Daily Record Oct 14 2011
Apollo Memories (2012 Edition) The 2012 Revised Edition features more than 100 new stories from bands, fans and staff. If you enjoyed the first edition, or you didn’t manage to buy it, now’s a great time to pre-order for Christmas 2011.   19301
Money Marketing - Show us the value of ratings - 7th Nov 2011 Alice Cooper once asked David Bowie where he should play a concert in the UK . Bowie told him Glasgow Apollo was the place because if you performed well there you got praise but just turning up did not count.   6228
Apollo Memories 2012 excerpt An exceprt from the Apollo Memories 2012 edition... looks like another cracker of a read.   19553
2016 - I Was There - The Story of the Glasgow Apollo Please support Loud n Proud by simply buying a ticket and having a brilliant night out at our Hit Show 'I Was There' - The Story of The World's Greatest Rock Venue - The Glasgow Apollo   3428
RESCUED RECORDINGS from The Glasgow Apollo RESCUED RECORDINGS is a non profit making project that was started four years ago, on a face book page with the sole aim of trying to find and piece together as many lost recordings as possible made over the years at The Glasgow Apollo.   17934
Exclusive Extract From Apollo Memories To get those taste buds tingling, we've been given permission to let you good website folk take a sneak preview of the APOLLO MEMORIES BOOK ! - PDF 528 KB   9389
'I Was There' a Rock Musical with difference. Telling the story of the best bands ever to take to the stage, it features the best songs ever and the central character is not a singer or a guitarist – it is the famous Glasgow Apollo, the best rock venue in the world.   1187
WIN TICKETS TO 'I WAS THERE' Rock Radio are giving 5 listeners the chance to win a pair of tickets to this must see show next February and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is vote for who you think is the best ever band to rock at the Glasgow Apollo.   641
Apollo - The Musical - Glasgow Evening Times Exclusive by Russell Leadbetter. IT MADE the city Scotland's rock capital but now, 20 years after it closed, the story of the Glasgow Apollo is to be turned into a musical.   2837
Apollo sell-out! by Russell Leadbetter THE Glasgow Apollo may have been gone for nearly two decades, but such is the love for the legendary venue that a rock musical about it has already sold all the tickets for its first night...   2856
The Temple of Apollo BBC Radio Scotland - 11 Mar 2009, 11:30. A celebration of the Glasgow Apollo, Scotland's leading concert venue in the 1970s and 80s, which was demolished in 1987 following a fire.   11741
The Glasgow Apollo... were you there? Wish you could be again? On 18/07/10 with we're winding the clock back, at The Highlight Glasgow, to mark 25 years since the world's best music venue closed. There'll be music from AC/DC, Status Quo and Thin Lizzy tribute bands. Plus a TBA special guest. Tix £7   2969
I Was There ROCKS the SECC Armadillo AGAIN in AUG 2010 The tale of The Glasgow Apollo is back with New Songs, New Stories and a New Stage Production. It’s Bigger, Better and Louder. for more information and tickets here I had a blast the three times I saw the show, it was fantasic.   4257
Win tickets to Apollo 25 For your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Apollo 25 Rock Tribute Night answer the question on the rock radio website... good luck.. and we'll see you there!   233
Apollo Memories Article Classic Rock Magazine Martin Kielty Article from Classic Rock Magazine March 2006 (pdf 600k ish).. Thanks to Russell of Autoplay   5170
11/11/2005 BBC TV Reporting Scotland News Item Former Glasgow dance hall remembered by musicians and fans. BBC Arts Correspondent Pauline McLean. reports. BBC Scotland broadcast 11/11/2005, you'll need WINDOWS MEDIA Player to watch it.   5756
11/11/2005 BBC TV Reporting Scotland News Item Former Glasgow dance hall remembered by musicians and fans. BBC Arts Correspondent Pauline McLean. reports. BBC Scotland broadcast 11/11/2005, you'll need REAL Player to watch it. THIS WILL DOWNLOAD to your computer. (504kb)   5139
11/11/2005 BBC RADIO Scotland The Good Morning Scotland Team interview Martin Kielty and Chris Glenn about the Apollo Memories book. Windows Media wma file (615 kb )   5157
Apollo Never Dies Two page Sunday Post  feature (February 8th 2004) (size 320kb)   671
Apollo Never Dies Two page Sunday Post  feature (February 8th 2004) (size 950kb)   611
BBC Radio Scotland Tom Morton Show feature about Apollomemories with Tom Morton, David Belcher and Scott McArthur. MP3 Podcast, well kinda, an mp3 of the real audio stream, it's as close as we could get.   5246
Apollo Ambition By Martin Kielty This is the story of one night in 126 Renfield Street, among the Glasgow choir, in front of the sloping stage, under the bouncing balcony... surrounded by the infamous Apollo bouncers.   26952
Those crazy nights at the Glasgow Apollo - Glasgow Herald - 05/09/2015 WALK down a certain part of Glasgow's Renfrew Lane today – the part behind the cinema, the hotel and the Aussie pub – and you'll quickly realise it is nothing special. Just like any other lane, in fact. Recycling bins and puddles   5267
Apollo Memories Feature on STV December 2011 Apollo Memories - For 12 short years between 1973 and 1985 the Glasgow Apollo was one of the most famous live music venues in the world. This five part series rock historian Martin Kielty details the end of the road for The Apollo.   1833
Win a copy of Apollo Memories Classic rock magazine is running a competition to win a copy of our book. Answer a really easy question and you could be a winner. Click here to enter. Good Luck! Closing date: 01/03/2012   1812
Was the Apollo the ultimate iconic venue? from The Herald 09/09/2012 IT opened 40 years ago this month, hosted most of the biggest names in rock and pop, from the Rolling Stones to The Who and Diana Ross, and closed down with a whimper in 1985." click to read the article.   14409
2015 - I Was There - The Apollo Musical After the success of two 'I Was There' shows in 2009 and 2010, and a demand to see it again from many Apollo Facebook fans the producers have decided to go for it again starting with a Crowdfunding Campaign.   1923
27/12/05 - Evening Times Article 20 years after it closed, fans still love the Apollo
IT MAY be 20 years since the fabled Glasgow Apollo venue staged its farewell concert, but the fans who made up its audiences still can't let go.
EXCLUSIVE THE REMEMBERED Stars' tributes to legendary Scots venue 20 years after its closure - Sunday Mail   3764
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Martin Kielty with EDDIE TOBIN - Are Ye Dancin'? The story of Scotland's dance halls, rock'n'roll... and how yer maw met yer da. Is all about everyone who helped make dance halls the centre of society in the post-war era. So like His previous books, he need's YOU to share your stories.   5040
Rory Gallagher DVD BOX SET Released to coincide with the 10th Anniversary year of his death (14.6.95) – this 3 DVD live in concert box set is a testament to one of the greatest men of rock.   5872
Some People Are Crazy - The John Martyn Story John Martyn is one of rock's last real mavericks. Despite long-term abuse of alcohol and drugs, he produced a string of matchless albums. John Neil Munro's book documents Martyn's upbringing in Scotland and rise through British folk scene of the 1960s.   4418
BIG NOISE - The sound of Scotland... Celebrating 50 years of rock'n'roll Delivered in Martin Kielty's trademark style Big Noise Book looks at the sound of Scotland and discovers its background through the stories and memories of those who made it.   812
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Thin Lizzy A Rock Legend   5848
Waysted What can we say - they rocked the Apollo and they are BACK....!! more WAYSTED than ever. YOU WON"T GET OUT ALIVE!!!   2891
Official Site for Frankie Miller Born in the east end of Glasgow, Frankie is one of the legends of the British music scene, with a powerful voice that has drawn numerous comparisons. His distinctive voice and song writing ability have earned him the respect of his peers.   5752
AC/DC Electric Shock Latest AC/DC news   5733
Ozzy Osbourne The Official Ozzy Osbourne Site   4513
Hazel O'Connor Hazel's official website   6110
Tom Robinson The Tom Robinson Website   15632
The Groundhogs Official Groundhogs Web Site   5618
ABBA ABBA - The Site   4474
John Scott Cree Recordings (MP3s), publications (eBook), lyrics, gigs, reviews and biography of John Scott Cree, a music comedy librarian with 40 years of gigging and writing funny songs, church goer, family man with 7 kids and a lifetime of cynicism (experience).   848
The Spider Archive Ostensibly for the gathering and sharing of Memorabilia, Relating to The U.K's N.W.O.B.H.M Merseyboogie Rock Group Spider 1977-1986.   115
Roxy Music Great Roxy Music fan site   2142
Fumble On this site you will find more information about Fumble. Look at the huge archive for many reviews from the Seventies, and a complete list of every gig played from 1967-1987   6408
Aerosmith Official Site   898
SLF Stiff Little Fingers, the official website.   4008
Official Jam Website Official site ran by Jam drummer Rick Buckler.   5564
SAHB.CO.UK The Sensational Alex Harvey Band   8516
Billy Connolly Enter at your own risk   5954
Scheme The official Scheme fans site.   1648
Little Jo's Spandau Ballet Pages Spandau Ballet fan site   4379
The Stranglers The Rat's Lair, your starting point for news and information on the Stranglers.   2181
Status Quo Home Of The UK Rock Band Status Quo   6436
Y&T The official Dave Meniketti and Y&T web site.   4433
THE UNDERTONES A real humdinger of a site   5505
Men At Work The best source of information about Men at Work and Colin Hay on the internet.   5962
RUSH Official RUSH website   4699
Peter Beckett Peter Beckett was in SKYBAND, who opened up for Alex Haley in 1975 at the Apollo   3555
Martha and the Muffins From echo beach to Renfield Street.   5467
Strawberry Switchblade Glasgow's Strawberry Switchblade official site.   6429
Kevin McGinlay - Salvation Website of Kevin McGinlay lead singer from the 70's Glasgow band Salvation. Salvation palyed many a gig at Clouds Disco above the Apollo. As he says himself "I could tell you lots of stories, but most you could not print"... here's hoping he does.   5223
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SLADE - Glasgow Apollo, 26th March 1982 Preaching to the Glasgow Choir...
"Welcome brethren, to the evening service... For what you are about to receive, may the Lord help you…"
26.03.1982 - Slade Live Apollo Theatre, Glasgow It don't take long for Noddy and his band to get Glasgow a rockin' & a rollin', opening with "Rock & Roll Preacher" followed by their fast and furious "When I'm Dancin' I Ain't Fightin'".   4128
Police at Glasgow Apollo - May 31, 1979 The Police opened their tour at the Glasgow Apollo and it was a night to remember.   2347
Clash Gig 1977 Get Out Of Control Tour   100
ANDERSON: PRESS BORE DRAGS ON Jethro Tull Press: NME, 12 February 1977   5289
Gig Reviews Scotland A new alternative music website whos aim is to provide gig reviews and an online portal that brings information relevant to Central Scotland together in one place.   0
Chris High (Writer) Nice website with some good stuff and a review of Chris De Burgh at the Apollo   4160
Alice Cooper - November 1972 Record Mirror November 1972   449
Sluggish! - The Cure New Musical Express (Review of 1984 Show)   6223
10cc Apollo-gise Review of rescheduled 1976 show.   3367
Roxy Music - 18th October 1975 John Ingham, Sounds, "If I had to attend a Roxy Music gig, I'd go to Glasgow." - Bryan Ferry.   4918
Be-Bop Deluxe - by Alasdair Montgomery Review of show on September 26th, 1976.   1065
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The Glasgow Apollo 3d Project We are a little late in mentioning this but we need to draw your attention to the fantastic efforts of Wullie Brown at Wullies goal is to recreate the Greens Playhouse/Glasgow Apollo in glorious 3d.   1394
MusicPro (UK) Group Images The UK's and Scotland's Number 1 Online Professional Resource for the Music Business! Includes a great Rush gallery from the Apollo.   4448
Martin Kielty Martin Kielty is a writer and commentator on rock'n'roll history and culture. He's editor of the UK's premier rock news website, presents shows on the station, and is author of the Apollo Memories book.   4573
ILL PREPARED Ill Prepared are a Sydney band that seeks to entertain their audience by playing songs people know, well!! We play hard and loud, just the way this music is meant to be, there’s nothing like live music to create a great party atmosphere.   4459
Billy Rankin - Rock Radio Morning Show Presenter and Top Bloke From birthdays and anniversaries in rock history to today's topical events, Billy Rankin fits them all into his show. Regular features include School of Rock.   240 96.3 Rock Radio - Scotland's FIRST Classic Rock Station playing ALL your ROCK of your favourites on FM and DAB Digital Radio   243
The Official La Paz Website WELCOME BACK....La Paz were formed in Scotland in the 1980s by Chic McSherry, Doogie White and Alex Carmichael. La Paz played live constantly in the mid-80s. They split in 1987 and singer Dougie went on to Rainbow and then Malmsteen's Rising Force.   5076
Jimmy Dewar - remembering the man and his music US based musician/producer Carl Kennedy has put together a dedicated site for James Dewar former singer/bass player with Robin Trower and Stone The Crows. With contributions from Jimmy's family, friends and fellow musicians.   4313
Minstrels, Poets and Vagabonds - Five Decades of Rock Music In Glasgow Minstrels Poets & Vagabonds will at no time claim to be the definitive book on the history of the rock scene in Glasgow over the last half century, but it does sound like a fantastic read.   4587
Rock Radio and Frankie Miller News 1 Rock Radio's Billy Rankin started playing the Frankie Miller demo "Bottle of Whiskey" on his breakfast show recently. The response was incredible and some people put together a Facebook campaign (now 3000 strong) to have it released as a single.   273
Rock Radio and Frankie Miller News 2 The Fans have spoken so it will be released on May 3, and Classic Rock Magazine is backing it too.
If everyone in the campaign buys the track for just 79p, Frankie will back in the charts for the first time in 18 years.
Loud 'n' Proud Loud n Proud started off as a music project over 5 years ago. Our aim is to provide a youth activity through music that will promote the growth and development of specific life skills that will enable young people to grow into responsible young adults.   5363
TOM RUSSELL The Man That Rocks Glasgow - former Radio Clyde Rock Show presenter now with 96.3 Rock Radio   1166 A non-profit internet-based organization that is an umbrella for many vital and productive children's charities.   3842
In The Wilderness Finding old friends, finding colleagues again and just being nosey, a bit like friendsreunited but better. Well we think it is !   5311
River Records This is a new company set up to exclusively manage Scottish Radio Holdings’ music archive of over 600 top quality live concert recordings. Recorded by the original Clyde Mobile Studio and Radio Forth’s Sound House.   3876
Campbell Photography Check out the Rock Stars Gallery, some fantastic shots from the Apollo.   5990
CanadianMusicDirect Highlights independent Canadian musicians, providing them with a voice on the Internet, interaction with fans, building a loyal user community and a funnel for internet music distribution.   147
GROOVELOADER An Australian site where musicians can promote and sell their music and the avid music lover to sample music and purchase CDs.   3840
Steve Holley Drummer (and supporter of Apollomemories) Steve Holley has provided some of the most solid and creative beats for Paul McCartney, Kiki Dee, Joe Cocker, Julian Lennon, and Ian Hunter.   5277
Heavy Metal Magazine - daily music updates from news sources around the world, latest reviews, details of gigs in the UK and Ireland, interviews with bands worldwide, discussion forums, free mp3 download, video downloads, picture and photo galleries plus more heavy stuff!   4902
Esprit Records Rare vinyl records rare cd music compact discs collectible collectable rock pop memorabilia posters import promo used hard to find promotional picture discs shaped deleted 45rpm singles limited edition rarities 60s 80s 70s 90s music discography   24224
BUNKY FREEKS They really should be famous!  James you are mad!!   2629
Ross Halfin Photography Integrating images of music's most legendary names, personal accounts of his experiences and anecdotal testimonials from his subjects, this comprehensive website showcases the talents of one of the world's premier rock photographers   2713 Been looking for a place that turns it up to 11?
This is it.
The best place on the web for everything you want to know about rock music... based in Sydney, Australia
Bill Black Bill Black's Country on Radio Clyde.   1285
Guitar Hero UK For all those budding guitar players.   400
The originals A cover band for all occasions.   1718
Tom Morton's Miscellany The TOM MORTON SHOW, weekday afternoons on Radio Scotland from 2 - 4pm.   5168
jockrock home of scottish indie music   3251
Q Tuners Q-tuners are high-tech neodymium powered pickups for guitar and bass   3273
Virtual Property Market A unique website who's visitors buy and sell virtual or non-tangible items. Unlike eBay, the merchandise on VPM can be delivered instantly across the internet.   3037
Lightstand Productions Based in the heart of Paisley only minuets from Glasgow Airport, we offer, mp3 backing tracks, singers and bands. We supply all your needs for Music, Web Solutions, Telecom and Equipment Instalation.   3879 High Energy Celtic Rock Music   4127
GLORY-DAZE A melodic hard rock/metal online publication for the web called GLORY DAZE. The motto for GLORY-DAZE is: 'yesterdays and todays melodic rock and metal'. Meaning that we give equal focus on artists, acts and music, from the past, as well as current.   2818
Download MP3s This site has been developed for the Scottish live music community to share local bands music, and to raise awareness of local bands work.   1603
Just Another Dream A 3 piece Powerpop/Punk band with the emphasis on the tune and melody   5225
Glasgow Cinemas website. Celebrating Glasgow's love of the cinema which goes back almost to the start of film making itself, illustrated with new and archive photographs, press ads and architect's drawings.   3746
Monsterpop Scottish Power Pop band based in Glasgow   328
Highland Ultimate Bands List Site to promote the local music scene of Moray and The Highlands of Scotland.   1827
Glasgow on the Web links to all thing glaswegian   1465 Web Log for mobile users, supports movies and pictures and text   4305
Southbound The Pub Band from Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. For a good nightout go and see these guys.   1964 Cinema City and Beyond, Scotland's Surviving Cinemas and Theatres   5384
Arkislist Australian classifieds website including business, trades and services, cars, community, for sale, jobs, personals, adult services to websites as well as property. It's completely FREE to place your ads or communicate with your local community in OZ.   81
West Runton Pavilion and the Royal Links Pavilion West Runton Pavilion and Cromer Royal Links Pavilion were two music venues on the North Norfolk coast of the UK. In their respective heydays they hosted concerts by many of the top bands of the time.   4046
Rockingscots this is a great site dedicated to Scottish beat groups and rock bands from the '60s and early '70s - since the late '90s!   5364
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The History of The Rainbow in London's Finsbury Park Fantastic site dedicated to the history and the bands that played The Rainbow in London's Finsbury Park.   4048
Apollo23: The Apollo Shall Rise Again New music venue launched in 2011 covering all styles of alternative and underground music. The venue is on the site of the World famous Glasgow Apollo where we hope to re-create some of those memorable shows. 11 Renfrew Street, G2 3AB Glasgow   4397
Garage Glasgow Dedicated to providing the best night out in Glasgow for Students and Graduates!.   5592
Glasgow Academy Carling Academy Glasgow   2293
The Highlight Nightclub, Renfrew Street, Glasgow The Highlight Nightclub, Renfrew Street, Glasgow   3504
Barrowlands Ballroom The Official Glasgow Barrowland & Barras Market Site   5200
The Kinema Ballroom Dunfermline The Kinema Ballroom in the historic City of Dunfermline the recognition it deserves as one of the more important venues in the history of live music performance in Scotland.   6665
pivo pivo A wonderful music and bier hybrid focusing on playing underground music from unsigned artists and serving the finest bier from six of the seven continents. You could throw a vinyl from Glasgow Central right through our front door.   8723
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Apollo Countdown
The BBC produce a documentary written by David Belcher about the Glasgow Apollo.
The show includes interviews with many who performed there as well as with several managers and employees of the Apollo.
Osmosis Huge screen behind the bar for all the big sporting events,
video clips and for movies. The sound system is top quality and fat
enough for one of Glasgow's famous clubs.  The staff are mad too!
gomusicstore gomusicstore is a Legal MP3 New Music Store specialising in original MP3 downloads from unsigned and independent emerging artists   3909
Glasgow Rock Guide A definitive guide to Glasgow's Clubs Pubs Gigs   182
McPhee's Celtic Centre Comprehensive selection of Celtic goods based in New Zealand.   4737 Pays tribute to all things The Jam and Paul Weller.   4153
The End Images of the demolition of the Apollo.   2635
Shake Records J&S (Angel&Tony) dj and producers house music of label Shake Records   4937
Melodicrock One stop website for all things that rock and roll.   9250
Scot Rock Great site dedicated to Scottish Rock!   4693
The Glasgow Hendrix Experience Jimi Hendrix in Glasgow. A portfolio of previously unpublished prints.   1644
Purple Mash Deep Purple - tourdate and bootleg recording archive   709
Highway To ACDC All about AC/DC   6520
Jock 'n' Roll A Great Scottish Music Resource Site Celebrating Scottish Popular Music   4178
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Cheeky SAHB 'Killjoys' recall Glasgow band's cheeky posters   1563
From rock 'n' roll to wrecking ball Scotland on Sunday - The Review - From rock 'n' roll to wrecking ball   4599
SRH on song with Universal deal on archives SRH discovered 600 studio and live recordings of acts many recorded at The Apollo   5367
Glasgow Apollo Facebook Group Use Facebook? - meet other Apollo fans here   9793
Green's Playhouse opens BBC Modern Scotland : Green's Playhouse opens, 1927   4733
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