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Exclusive Interviews

In this section we aim to bring you many more Exclusive Interviews. Not only from the Artists who played at the Apollo and the Green's Playhouse, but also from the behind the scenes people who help create the Apollo legend. Watch out for interviews with Richard Park, Ten Years after and Budgie.

author - Scott McArthur
Richard Park interviewed - 04/02/2006
"...the Apollo was simply magnificent and was the classic venue of its day..."
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author - Scott McArthur
Fin Muir and Pete Way Of Waysted interviewed - 04/02/2006
"".....the crowds in Glasgow dripped rock" Pete Way"
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author - Scott Mcarthur
Telephone interview with Frank Lynch in Charleston South Carolina interviewed - 16/06/2004
"This Website means a lot to me personally as I am proud of what we did back then. As for the Apollo itself well, it was magic, okay it was smelly and a bit rough and ready but that was part of the magic. You go to the antiseptic shows these days where the act is great but you just don’t get the sheer animal passion that’s used to go on in that building."
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author - Martin Percival and Ross McIntyre
The Rezillos interviewed - 07/04/2004
"The Rezillos were arguably THE leading band to come out of Scotland during the 1976-78 period. The band played what turned out to be their last gig for 23 years on 23rd December 1978 at the Glasgow Apollo. This concert was recorded, and was released in early 1979 as the live album “Mission Accomplished…but the beat goes on”.

In June 2004 Ross McIntyre, web master of the groups official site, and Martin Percival interviewed the band exclusively for Apollomemories. We hope you enjoy the interview and, if you’ve never heard the band, pick up the 1993 re-issue cd of the band’s only studio album “Can’t stand the Rezillos”. It combines the live album too all onto one disc. For the very latest information on what the band are up to please visit"
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author - Scott McArthur
Ralph McTell interviewed - 06/04/2004
"I played at the Apollo 3 times - and maybe once more with Danny Thompson (double bass player of world renown). Danny also played at the Green's Playhouse and he told me that at that time the toilet in the "Star" dressing room was actually a bucket on the floor. The venue had quite a reputation and with me being an Englishman, I was worried that the audience would eat me for breakfast."
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author - Scott McArthur
Andy McCluskey of OMD interviewed - 11/02/2004
"it was such a strange venue because of the height of that stage.  You could never forget it and I think also, to be perfectly honest, the Glasgow audiences are some of the greatest audiences in the world to perform to.  They are very vocal, very loud and very responsive and the atmosphere in any gig in Glasgow is usually very good"
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