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And then he walked along the edge of the Circle

This is the place where we will post your stories about the Green's Playhouse, The Glasgow Apollo and Satelitte City (The Wee Apollo). As it develops we will break the stories up into sections such as Myths, Gigs I missed, Meeting the Bands, Where are they now etc. No story too trivial and we will only edit out bad language!

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Comments on The Clash [reply]
Oct '77.
One of the most amazing nights of my young life!
As The Clash hit the stage all the young punks left their seats and surged to leap/pogo about down the front.
The band were leaping around often playing wrong notes and out of tune...but we didn't care,
their blistering energy and power fired us up and the best band on the planet had us ready to explode!
The Bouncers, not known for their tolerance, were trying in vain to force us back, as the gig went on arguments and punches were being thrown.
It all flew by so quickly(as all gigs do when your 16) but at the end Joe Strummer was shouting at the bouncers to "leave the kids alone" and was saying "we've got one song left to do" and we knew what we had to do, so with a
1-2-3-4 they burst into "White Riot" and we surged forward flattening the bouncers, what a buzz, we left empowered and ecstatic!
Unfortunately this was the start of the Punks v Bouncers fights which were a feature of most gigs to come, The Stranglers in particular.
But that was one of the best nights and i'll never foget it.
saw them in July 78 (after White man in Hammersmith Palais) and also just after London Calling came out (Think it was the 16 tons tour)-I remember they played Anarchy in the UK over the PA just before the Clash came on and the place erupted. I often think about nights like that when I go to gigs at that place beside the Clyde...just ain't the same [reply]
The actual line up for the December 77 show was:
The Zones
The Drones
The Clash
(Don Letts DJ'd)
The audience stood up when The Clash came on and I couldn't see or hear anything. I was there but. [reply]
Still have the ticket stub for 22.01.80. Was my first ever gig at 16yrs old. WOW. Opened with London Calling I think and finished with White Riot. Everything in-between was a blur. [reply]
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